DC Power Supply 12V/5A

Switching Power Supply DC 12V/5A Input 100/240Vac with splitter cable to one input and five outputs DC 12V - Plastic - Color Black

41,70 €
recommended retail price
Input voltage 100-240Vac
Output voltage  12Vcc
Output current 5A
Ripple 100mv
Efficiency 80%
Operating temperature 0C° a 40C°
Weight 320 g
Type of mounting 5,5*2,5

Stabilized power supply 12V 5A DC Switching professional input 100-240Vac for video systems used continuously for 24 hours on 24.

Boxed in plastic. Providing protection from overloads, short circuits, overheating.

Recommended for powering DVR, portable monitors and speed dome 12Vdc.