2 in 1 Cable

2 in 1 Cable ADJ AI205 USB to Micro USB & Micro USB to Micro USB  Length 1 meter  Color White

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With this Power Charge you can share power between micro USB devices (Smartphone, Smart watch, tablet,...) so if your phone has no more power but a friend has remaining battery, you can use this cable to give your device a boost!


• Length: 1 m

• Micro-USB to Micro-USB (male/male)

• Compatible with Smartphone supporting the OTG function and with micro USB port

• Charge directly your Smartphone using the energy from another device

• Share the content (photos, videos, documents and other) from your Smartphone to another device

• Packaging content: 1 Power sharing cable


• USB to Micro USB: Just plug and connect the devices for charge & sync.
• Micro USB to Micro USB:
Find the reverse side of multi-USB plug, press the white plastic part near the edge, then push the middle place of hide micro USB half out. Push again the middle place until the whole micro USB is out.  So, the cable is becoming Micro USB to Micro USB for charge and data. Two mobile phones could charge each other, and also the OTG function if the mobile phone is support OTG. If do not use this extra plug, please press the white plastic part and then pull the micro USB plug down.

E.O.P. = End of production