Style is superior to truth; it carries within it the proof of its own existence. (Gottfried Benn)

Made in Italy today is not only limited to traditional sectors such as fashion or food, but also high technology is the protagonist of this revolution and evolution of taste. The Italian style is a real brand of success, a guarantee of quality and innovation, supported by fervent and creative technological research.

The recent data released by Istat and Confindustria confirm that the hi-tech segment is constantly growing: Italian companies are catching up.

Italian style and technology, the winning combination of the third millennium

If on food or fashion the success for Italian style seems to be obvious, on hi-tech the Italian style seems a real surprise. Yet that is not the case. Italian design has always been at the forefront, especially in the field of technology.

Just think of the 1950s, when Italian designers produced a series of extraordinary objects that revolutionized everyday life: the Vespa, the Fiat 500, the Bialetti mocha, the Olivetti portable typewriter, the Mulinex robot and objects produced in series by large industries, such as metal lamps, modular bookcases or sofas.
The golden moment of Made in Italy design is, however, in the' 70s, sealed by the famous New York exhibition "Italy: the new domestic landscape", in which personal computers, microwave ovens, the first halogen light and hi-tech furniture become fashionable. A real triumph, therefore, hi-tech design Made in Italy.


ADJ, hi-tech design Made in Italy, a traditional question of vocation

From then on, a tradition and vocation for the technological design Made in Italy was born, based on aesthetics, innovation and avant-garde. Italian design becomes synonymous with style and quality. Today, ADJ is the perfect heir to this innovative spirit, offering only the best of the world's IT, Mobile and Security Solutions.
The colors, shapes and functionality of each product are what makes the difference, combined with the advanced technologies that are the basis of every choice.