Alcoholic sanitizing gel 500 mL

Alcoholic sanitizing gel (70% alcohol) for social and surgical antisepsis of the hands - 500 mL - Presidium medical surgical registration Ministry of Health No. 18826

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It is a hydroalcoholic gel designed specifically for antisepsis of the hands by simple friction, without the use of water. The use of a hand disinfectant is a very effective way to prevent infections. The presence of alcohol, gives the product the peculiar property of containing the microbial flora of the skin (99%), especially the transitory one which is often the cause of transmission of infections. An alcohol-based hand antiseptic, easy to take to any place where waterless hand antisepsis is needed.

100 g of product contain:
Denatured ethyl alcohol 62.0 g (70% v/v or 70°C)
Technological excipients and purified water q. b. to 100

24 bottles per carton