Warranty Information

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing who granted us by choosing a product ADJ. The warranty period of your product ADJ starts from the date of purchase from an ADJ and has a period of 24 (twenty four) months. The receipt or packing slip indicating the date of purchase is your proof of purchase.

The warranty is limited to repair and / or replacement of the appliance components due to effective manufacturing defect. The maximum liability of ADJ will be expressly limited by the value corresponding to the price paid for the product or the cost of repair or replacement of any failed hardware components under normal conditions of use. The shipping costs to send the defective product shall be borne by the customer.

In case of malfunction of the product , the customer will contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product to be delivered together with the proof of purchase ( sales receipt and / or delivery note ) that documents the date from which the warranty



ADJ does not warrant that the operation of the product will be uninterrupted or error-free . ADJ can not be held responsible for damage or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media . This limited warranty does not apply to software products, including operating systems or freeware products or those which may be pre-installed ADJ that are provided as is, except as expressly provided in the license agreement for the use of the program. Also excluded from this warranty , supplies and products referred to has been removed serial number or have been damaged or rendered defective as a result of ( a) accidents ( knocks, falls , failures due to external causes ) , misuse , intentional misuse , contamination , improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration , (b ) by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the technical specifications of the product , (c ) by software, interfacing, or parts not supplied by ADJ (d ) virus infection; ( and ) loss or damage in transit , acts of nature or incidental damages , ( f) loose , broken or tampered seals placed on the pc ; (h ) by modification or service by anyone other than ADJ.

The sending of the product to the service center does not necessarily mean free repair under warranty it. Upon receiving the product, the service center reserves the right to verify the validity of the guarantee. If you experience any faults or defects indicated, the service center will charge the customer the cost of the right of intervention.



To allow ADJ to provide the best possible warranty service , the custome , during the warranty period must:

  • Maintain an environment suitable for use of the product and use the hardware according to the instructions provided ;
  • Make periodic backup copies of files , data and programs stored on the hard drive and other storage devices as a precaution against possible failures, alteration, or loss . Before returning a product for the ADJ hardware under warranty , to back up your files , data and programs and delete any confidential, proprietary or personal information ;
  • Maintain an environment consistent with product specifications and supported configurations, making sure to keep the product away from water , to be used solely and exclusively in accordance with electrical sources ;
  • These interventions, alterations , modifications or changes to the product by the customer will result in the forfeiture of the warranty.